GOCAR Android Application

We developed GOCAR Android application in association with Nemo|Online

In this appication you will find a fully integrated source about cars. All the content is from website GoCar.gr. GOCAR ap requires Android 3.0 version and up. You can download it on any Android device of your choice.

If you are a fan or a potential car buyer, then your destination is GOCAR app. It's also free!!!



At GOCAR app you will find everything

The most complete buying guide with all models and versions circulating in Greece, with pictures, video and 140 features, performance and technical data for each version separately, news about car industry and special offers for any brand and model.

Also the application includes hundreds of test drives by GOCAR experienced editorial team and last but not least an easy to use guide with all car industry associates, with maps and detailed information about them.


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